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When my Breakaway cable acquired tangled & pulled itself out in a car parking zone, it stopped the trailer & truck dead in It is tracks. I do attempt to look at the hitch pins, breakaway plug, and most everything else before I strike the highway. I've had some Oh-Shoot times just before.

English Historical past Manuscripts, c. 4, new No., Ms. 29724, folio 3 Doc in Bodleian Library, Oxford University Listing of Records No. 14 Honoble Sr vp̃about the returne of the final Fleete of Shipps wch introduced my Lord La Warr (our Lord Governour & Captaine Generall,) into this Countrie; I did not not forbeare to problem yor noble persistence Wth looking at vnworthy & fruitles Strains, & Even though at this p̢despatched I'm tiny or almost nothing improved furnished wth any make any difference of valew, both for discovery of Mynes, or ought els worth your Expertise, nonetheless when I think about yor quite a few and noble favours toward me (wch Once i forgett to admit, allow me to for at any time be putt out of yor remembrance) I assumed good to wright anything, if but therefore to p̢serve my humble provider in yor honovred memory. For that p̢despatched state & condic̃on of the Countrie, it wants only Sup- portes, spherical & free of charge supplies, both of those of men & moneyes, for making very good the mayne & p̳fitable endes of the moste joyful plantation. Regarding the Countrie & the soile thereof, wee finde it fertile & full of encrease, bringing forth goodly Corne, many kinde of Fruites, naturall Vines & quickly rendring vs our owne Countrie seedes, & Rootes wch wee bury therein, as prosperous & unchangeable for tast and quantitie as England it selfe For these Com̃odities of pitch & tarr Soape ashases, Wood Iron &c. most accurate it really is Noble Sr, that there they bee most plentifully to bee returned house, if soe bee it the meanes & skilfull workemen with each other wth fitt p̳visions for all those Labourers (vntill the Colour may perhaps quitt many of theis Rates, by planting their owne Vines, sowing their owne Corne, & broodinge their owne Cattaile, Kine, Swine, Goates &c. wch would Soon be, & had bin ere this, had the Governmt bin very carefully & Truthfully estab- lished & carried right here theis 3 yeres passed) might be supplied & sent about to worke in those companies.

To the gooseneck horse trailer, I've seen vendor people just hook up the breakaway cable to the safety chain. Duh! if the security chain fails (The full reason behind the breakaway cable), what very good could it be intending to do????

An additional vnknowne man or woman, (alongside one another with a godly letter) hath recently despatched into the Treasurer 550. kilos in gold, for your bringing vp of kids of the Infidels: 1st while in the Expertise in God and legitimate Religion; and subsequent, in suit trades whereby Actually to liue. Grasp Nicolas Ferrar deceased, hath by his will giuen three hundred. lbs . towards the Colledge in Virginia, to bee paid out, when there shall be ten of your Infidels youngsters positioned in it.

The Governor hath bounded the lymyttℯ of the 4. Cerporac̃ons the Com- panies, the Governors, the Vniversity and Glebe landℯ based on the Com̄yssion. [3a] All The traditional Planters remaining sett totally free haue picked placℯ for his or her dividendℯ in accordance with the Com̃yssion. Wch giueth all greate content, for now realizing their owne landℯ, they try and so are prpared to build houses §&§ to cleere their floorℯ wanting to plant, wch giveth the * * * greate incouragemt, and the best hope to make the Colony florrish that at any time nonetheless happened to them. Much more hope then at any time from the Col- lonys florisheng. Vpon the 4. of November the Bona Noua arriued at James Cyty. All of the travellers came lusty and in good wellbeing. They came by the west Indyes, wch passage at that time doth much refreshe the men and women.

9 furnish yor Journal wth much more than for ye prsent & Allow a continual trade be on foot then at ye arrival of one's Shiping you'l haue Como Completely ready & they'l be shortly dispatched 10 Should you grant more these kinds of Commissions for Genɫ trade as you may have completed to Capt Martin you'l overthrow yor journal.

The figures of Charge are given in one column in the first; it has been believed finest to print them listed here in a few columns.

he is to face billed with ye publick Treas. of ye Companye also to be carefull to call in all moneyes and debts wch are because of because of payable by or on account of ye Firm Never to challenge it but by warrant like ye Court shall let of. To yeald vp his §a true & p̱fect§ Accompt certainly at the time euery §at thend of his§ yeare wch §Accompt§ shalbee appointed ye Wedsonday fortnight in advance of ye working day of yearely elecc̃on of Officers appointed by ye Irs Patents §offered to ye Auditors for being by them examyned fourteen dayes ahead of§ & vpon all events getting demande §necessary§ by ye Auditors or Counsell to shew ye point out of ye Dollars, w that is to convey what moneyes haue ben receaued, payd and rem9. That he shalbe especially sworne to convey yeald a iust and true Accompt.

I needed to relocate my breakaway cable. The dealer locale triggered it to drag out on sharp turns. It locked me up limited, but my brakes are electrical hydraulic discs. Cummins could still shift it, however the wheels were not turning :-)

than for advancing of them into fantastic Programs and therein to help them by all excellent signifies We more hereby ordain that to all these kinds of with the claimed unique as shall genuinely entirely notice the orders Afore and hereafter specified there be alotted and established out in excess of and higher than Our previous Grants One particular hundred Acres of glebe land for that Minister of every and fifteen hundred Acres of Burough Land for the public use from the stated Plantation Not intending however hereby possibly to abridge or enlarge these types of grant of glebe or popular Land as shall be built in almost any of our grants in producing to any here with the mentioned certain planta- tions We also will and ordain that the like proportion of maintenance out of your and profits from the Earth be designed to the many Ministers in the said particular Plantations as happen to be before established down for that Ministers of your claimed previous Metropolitan areas and burroughs We'll and ordain that the Governor In the interim plus the explained Council of Estate do justly complete or induce to generally be done all this sort of grants Covenants and Posts as have or shall be in crafting inside our good and normal Quarter Courts to any in the said particular Plantations Declaring all other grants of Lands in Virginia not designed in a single of our good and basic Quarter Courts by force of his Majesties Letters patents to be void And also to the tip aforesaid we will and ordain that every one our grants in crafting under our seal built within our excellent and general Quarter Courts be Entered into your documents to get held there in Virginia However instantly forbiding that a Constitution of Land granted to Captain Samuel Argal and his Associates bearing date the twentieth of March 1616 be entered in your Data or or else in any way revered forasmuch as the same was attained by slight and crafty And afterwards upon suffering him to go Governor of Virginia was by his very own voluntary act still left in our Custody being cancelled on Grant of a fresh Charter which one

Of such persons, a person hundred and 20 (for example are to be Tenants) are to be slipped below for Virginia, from the midst of August now at hand: and the rest in Ianuary and February ensuing. The subsequent preparations are of Cattle of diuers sorts: whereof there are meant in the subsequent Spring to get despatched these ensuing.

A Comission granted by vs the Treasurer Counsell and Business for Virginia vnto our loving freind Will͠m Wye for any voyage meant to Virginia Whilst wee the Treasurer Counsell and enterprise for Virginia for the better advancemt and assistance of that plantation have wth Superb liking geven or consent to obtain which include have furnished out one great shipp called the Garland of London from the burden of two hundred and fifty Tunnes or thereaboutℯ to passe wth all hassle-free expidition vnto the Colonies there planted, Will͠m Wye getting ordeyned Mr and captaine thereof, and also to com̄and and govern the explained shipp and marriners as allsoe every one of the travellers aswell for instance are transported for that Somer Ilandℯ to generally be landed there while in the voyage outward certain remaining 1 hundred and 30 folks in selection as allsoe this sort of Other folks as are putt abord to be transported for the particuler plantation meant in Virginia with each other wth People necessarie p̳visions of all sortℯ delivered by sundry Adventurers to the vse and provide of theyr Tenaantℯ heretofore and now to get planted in just about every on the explained Colonies Wee doe therfore hereby Cost him to get his direct training course (As outlined by his finest talent and knowledg) vnto the explained plantac̃ons, and 1st to putt on land the explained passengers appointed for your Som̄er Ilandℯ, and to deliver them securely for the charge of Captaine Miles Kendall Deputy Governor or to this sort of other comaunder as he shall finde there prsent wth all their p̳visions belonging vnto them. And the rest becoming forty persons to land them in Virginia, also to com̄itt them and all superiorℯ transported for his or her vse into the Governmt and disposing first of Wilɫm fferrar Esquire if he be there resident, if or else to your demand of captaine ffrancis Whitney Esquire now imbarqued with the voyage, and in default of each on the com̄aund of Sr George Yardly knight Governor and Captaine generall of Virginia to generally be by him disposed of and imployed according to this kind of Direcc̃ons as from that's why he shalbe recommended vnto Streightly charging and comaunding the claimed Wilɫm Wye to sett sayle from England wth the first opportunity of winde, and to produce all doable pace he may to the portℯ supposed, rather than to interrupt any delivery in the subiectℯ of any his Maties freindℯ or allies or any other in anyway during his said voyage.

In the looking through in the names on the Burgesses, Exception was taken versus Captaine Warde as owning planted listed here in Virginia without any authority or comission within the Tresurer, Counsell and Business in Englande. But contemplating he had bene at so wonderful chardge and paines to augmente this Colony, and adventured his owne human being inside the motion, and considering that that point experienced brought property a fantastic amount of fishe, To alleviate the Colony by waye of trade, and earlier mentioned all, since the Comission for authorising the General Assembly admitteth of two Burgesses out of every plantation without restrainte or exception, On these concerns, the As- sembly was contented to admitt of him and his Lieutenant (as customers in their system and Burgesses) into their society. Presented, which the stated Captaine Warde with all expedition, which is to saye in between this as well as the nexte normal assembly (all lawful impediments excepted), should really procure in the Tresurer, Counsell and Firm in England a comission lawfully to determine and plant himselfe and his Enterprise as the Chieffs of other Plantations have done. And just in case he doe neglect this he will be to stande towards the censure with the nexte common assembly. To this Captaine Warde, from the presence of us all, possessing specified his consente and carried out to for every- forme the identical was, alongside one another with his Lieutenant, by voices of the whole Assembly 1st admitted to take the oath of Supremacy, after which for making up their quantity and also to sitt amongst them.

We’ll be Blessed to possess it back within the following 2 months. I have requested Dutchmen to just take back again their “lemon”, and permit us to invest in an RV that we can in fact use.

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